August 23

Buying the Best Packing Materials

Feeling overwhelmed by task of packing up your household? 

Feel not! In this article we reveal the secrets to buying the best packing materials for your removal job.

Ensuring your treasured possessions are properly secured is half the battle won when it comes to moving home. Selecting the appropriate packaging goes beyond mere durability; it needs to be tailor-made for your unique household requirements.

Survey your household:

Start your packing journey by taking a stroll through your home, gauging the number of boxes you might need. A golden advice? Your initial estimate might be somewhat off-mark. Most often, the actual requirement is nearly double the initial count when you see items still on the shelves. Do not be disheartened! This is a common miscalculation unless, of course, you are a relocation pro having made countless moves.

Small boxes vs large:

Here is also a tip: small boxes (for example size 18”x13”x13”) are best suited for items like kitchenware, books, DVDs, ornaments, and generally anything that is heavy or delicate. On the other hand, larger boxes (for example size 18”x18”x19”) are ideal for clothing, bedding, toys, and lighter, sturdier items. When sourcing these boxes, go for the double-walled, corrugated variety. Only such boxes will withstand the rigours of your moving day, especially when they are stacked in tall heaps in the removal vehicle. The quality of these boxes will ensure they do not collapse under pressure.

Packing materials for delicate items:

Shifting our focus to the delicate items of your home, mostly residing in your kitchen, and living room - they demand special attention. Items like crockery will need mostly packing paper, while the likes of crystals, vases, ornaments, mirrors, paintings, electronics, and your home entertainment gear would require the cushioning of bubble wrap. Do not cut corners here; investing in top-quality wrapping can spare you the unwelcome surprises upon completion of your removal journey.

In your bedroom:

For those stylish garments that usually hang in your bedroom wardrobe, consider investing in specialised wardrobe boxes. These come in two variants: a longer one for dresses and gowns, and a shorter one for shirts and trousers. As a rule of thumb, the width of one door of an average wardrobe typically fits into a single wardrobe box.

Choice of strong packing tape:

And of course, let us not forget about strong adhesive tape. The sturdy brown or white PVC variety is unparalleled for sealing your removal boxes. For the boxes holding fragile items, consider using tapes labelled "Fragile". It will give clear indication to the removal team to handle those with extra care.


The above tips should give you a solid foundation for your removal packing endeavours. If you are still feeling a tad unsure, remember we are here to help. At London House Removals Ltd, we are more than equipped to guide you in determining the best packing materials for your move. Just give us a call, and our dedicated team will aid you in this crucial phase of your moving journey.


Best Packing Materials

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