November 17

Tips for Packing Your Bedroom

Welcome back to our removals advice blog. This time we share our useful tips for packing your bedroom. 

While it might appear straightforward, the devil is often in the details, so let us dive into those details to ensure that you accomplish packing your bedroom with confidence and ease.

Selecting the right packing materials

As in the case of packing any room in your home, the choice of packing materials plays a pivotal role. When it comes to packing your bedroom, you will require mainly a selection of large boxes (approximately 18”x18”x19”) and wardrobe boxes. Additionally, you will need some bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy PVC tape to complete the job with finesse.

Packing your clothing: 

For your everyday clothing items such as sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, underwear, and socks, large boxes should suffice. Simply fold these items neatly and place them in the boxes; there is no need for elaborate packing techniques for these straightforward items.

Special attention to shirts and dresses: 

When it comes to more delicate items like shirts and dresses, a little extra care is required. Avoid just tossing them into large boxes. Instead, use those specially dedicated wardrobe boxes. These come in two varieties: short ones for hanging shirts and long wardrobe boxes for dresses. Most packing materials suppliers should have both types readily available.

Packing your shoe collection: 

For your shoe collection, large boxes are typically sufficient. Most shoes can be boxed as they are. However, high heels and suede leather shoes require a bit more attention. Wrap each shoe in a layer of paper or even bubble wrap to protect them from potential scratches during transit.

Handling mirrors and paintings: 

For mirrors and paintings, standard practice involves using more bubble wrap. Two or three layers should provide enough protection. In the case of exceptionally fragile mirrors or canvases, consider taping a flat box over the bubble wrap for an extra layer of security.

Preparing bedroom furniture: 

If you have chosen to take on the packing and preparation of your bedroom furniture yourself, there are a few steps to follow. For standalone wardrobes, dismantle them and ensure all screws are securely stored in one place. If your wardrobe is more complex, take notes or photographs to assist with reassembly later. On the other hand, chests of drawers, medium-sized cabinets, and shelving units typically do not require disassembly; the movers will handle them as they are.


By following these tips, you will be able to pack your bedroom with confidence and ease, ensuring your belongings are well-protected for the upcoming removal job. However, if you prefer to leave the packing to professionals, at London House Removals Ltd we are equipped to assist you every step of the way. Simply give Contact us, and we will help you with your packing job all the way.


Our examples of bedroom packing techniques:

Bedroom Clothes Packed in Boxes

Sunny bedroom ready to move.

Bedroom Items Packed in Boxes

Bedroom items packed in boxes.

Bed Slats

A bed slats before dismantling.

Packed Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes packed with hanging garment.


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