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How to Disassemble Furniture

How to disassemble furniture for your moving day?

What furniture to select for this task? How to disassemble for easier assembly process at your new home? What tools are necessary to use? In this article we answer all the concerns to help you disassemble furniture for your moving day.

What furniture needs disassembling?

Let us start with this question. Beds, pull-out sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, baby cots, large Kallax shelves, medium to large trampolines, and garden furniture – these are the items that do not fit through door frames and staircases in one piece and will need your attention. By taking them to pieces beforehand, you will assure faster loading time for your movers, which in result could save you considerable amount of money on your removal job.

How to disassemble furniture for your moving day?

  • As for the beds, you need to detach the headboard, the leg board and also the slats. Frames of single beds may fit through your staircase without complete dismantling. Have a try if this is possible.
  • Pull-out sofas require taking the inside frame out to make it weight less for an easier loading. Usually, it has three to four nuts on both sides holding the inside mattress and foldable frame.
  • Wardrobes, especially with two or more doors, are necessary for dismantling. You need to first unscrew the doors. Then take the back panel by knocking it out together with the pins using a rubber hummer. Then lay the unit on the floor and unscrew the side, top and bottom panels.
  • Majority of dining tables and desks are easy to deal with. They require taking the legs off only.
  • Baby cots also do not fit through most door frames, they will have simple hex screws for Allen keys on four sides.
  • Kallax units that are larger than four-by-four also need dismantling. There should be screws underneath of the base panel, so lay it down to access them.
  • We mentioned about trampolines in our earlier article with tips for packing your garden. As a reminder - trampolines may take time because they have stiff coils that often need two pairs of strong hands to dismantle them.
  • Garden furniture such as tables and benches may also need dismantling. Measure if they fit through the side access to your garden. If not, then dismantling is required.

How to disassemble furniture for easier assembly process at your new home?

This is a good question and thinking about it upfront can save a lot of hustles during the assembling process. Some furniture may be very complex, like extra-large wardrobes, or units with a different-size drawers. The best option is to take photos before dismantling. It will help to remember how to piece the parts together at your new home. Furthermore, you can use a marker pen to mark the parts. Simply number them on the back sides where markings would not be visible, e.g. 1 and 1, 2 and 2, 3 and 3 – so you know that you need to connect them at those points with the same numbers.

What tools are necessary for this process? 

Most furniture needs a star screwdriver. However, some old pieces or antiques require a flat screwdriver. You will also need Allen keys (the mostly used sizes are 3, 4 and 5 mm). Spanner keys size 11, 13 and 15 are also commonly used. Remember about the metal hummer and pliers. Also, rubber hummer will prove to be helpful with wardrobes, as we mentioned earlier.

Do you still consider using some help?

We hope this guide proves to be helpful. However, if you need some help in the dismantling process, or if you simply prefer to leave it to the movers, we can take care of that. At London House Removals Ltd we provide fully comprehensive furniture dismantling and assembling solutions for all your moving needs. Do let us know today and we will start planning right away!


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