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How to Declutter Your Home

How to declutter your home before moving? 

Do you have any items that collect dust on your shelves? Do you worry about combining your move with getting rid of unwanted items? Worry not! Moving gives you a very good opportunity to declutter your home at the same time. During organizing your move and especially during the packing process you will be needing to uncover items and look in corners of your property that you did not look for a long time. This is a great moment to do both projects at once. Check below our helpful tips on how to declutter your home before moving.

When to start? 

As with all the moving process, the sooner the better. You want to have a peace of mind when it comes to such projects. The last thing you would want is to rush and make bad decisions just days ahead of your move. The moving process itself puts intense pressure and the last thing you would want is to worry even more.

What formula to use to declutter your home?

We believe the best formula is Time it Collects Dust multiplied by How Many Times have I Used It 😊 Perhaps there is an item that you used once or twice years ago, and you still think “one day I may use it again” Did you say it to yourself the last time? If the answer is YES, then this is great criteria for getting rid of such an item. Whether it is an old book that you read just once, or a spare bicycle that was used once by a guest of your family on a Sunday trip, or a pair of jeans that you wore just one Saturday evening – those are good indications that you will hardly ever use those items again. Then why keep them if they may find better use with a different owner?

How to prepare items that you wish to declutter?

Best to allocate a separate space for those items. Make sure to mark them clearly with coloured or signed labels. Larger items: like wardrobes or beds - if you can dismantle them upfront, then do that. For smaller items like books, clothes, or kitchenware, simply pack them into removal boxes. Organizing and labelling everything properly will help your movers to recognise correct destination for all the household items on the moving day.

What to do next?

There are many options. Some of the valuable items you may wish to sell using online auction services. With this task timing is especially important - as we mentioned at the top of this article. The sooner you start, the more assurance that you manage to sell everything on time. Perhaps you may wish to give away some appliances, or clothes to your friends or family members? This will be a great gesture! Some of those items may find more frequent use with them than they have found with you. There are also charity shops that will happily accept most items if arranged in advance. Some items may need to end up just in the bin, so for those there are disposal sites that can accept and recycle them sometimes even for free. Environmental-friendly approach is an obvious necessity these days.

Still feeling unsure? 

If you feel a bit unsure, or if you simply prefer to have “one-stop-shop” do not hesitate to Contac Us! At London House Removals Ltd we provide fully comprehensive home decluttering solutions for all your needs. We can arrange delivery of your items to a nearest charity shop, or to your family members. We can also deliver them to a disposal site for the recycling. Whatever your needs, we will answer them. Just give us a call and let us plan together how to declutter your home.     

Household items to dispose of

Household items ready to dispose of.


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