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Removal Companies to Avoid

Identifying removal companies to avoid during your search for the ideal provider

Identifying removal companies to avoid is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth moving experience. It is important to be aware of certain red flags that may indicate a company is not up to standards. Here are our expert tips on identifying these red flags:

1. Property’s size matter:

For properties with one or two bedrooms, a pone call or a video call may suffice for an accurate quote. However, larger properties (with three bedrooms or more) necessitate an in-person visit by a surveyor. Companies unwilling to conduct home visits for larger properties often provide less accurate quotes, which should be a significant indication in your decision-making process.

2. The importance of attention to details:

Attention to details is paramount in organising a house move. Observe whether the surveyor attentively listens to your requirements and thoroughly inspects your household. There are some key questions that every house surveyor should ask:

- moving date required

- parking provisions

packing materials requirements

- furniture dismantling requirements

- time to vacate your current property

- key collection times at the destination property.

A lack of such inquiries should be a warning sign.

3. Unrealistically low quotes:

Be cautious of quotes that seem too low. Such pricing often indicates compromises in insurance coverage, equipment quality, or staff remuneration, leading to substandard service.

4. Insistence on written quotes:

Ensure that your selected companies provide written quotes and relevant documents via email. Reject any informal methods of communication, such as text messages or verbal assurances over the phone.

5. Communication efficiency:

Evaluate the communication efficiency. Prompt responses to emails and calls, along with timely quotations (within 24 to 36 hours), indicate efficient operations. Sometimes there are busy periods when it takes more time to answer particular enquiries, however, persistent delays in communication could suggest a lack of emphasis on customer service or inefficient office work systems.

6. Insurance verification:

Verify that the company has adequate insurance. A credible company should readily provide their Insurance Certificate or at least their broker-issued confirmation. Reluctance or failure to provide this information is a strong indication of inadequate insurance coverage.

7. Check online reviews:

Be wary of companies with few or outdated reviews, or those without any external source of feedback (e.g., Google or Consumer Review sites). This can indicate a lack of transparency and makes it harder to assess their recent service quality.

8. Professional equipment check:

Ensure the company possesses essential removal equipment like trolleys, transit blankets, and ropes. A lack of such equipment is a clear sign to look elsewhere.

In conclusion:

By closely following these expert tips, you can effectively filter through removal companies to find the most suitable provider for your house move. Thorough research and attention to these details are key in making the right decision for a stress-free removal experience.


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