June 15

Getting an Accurate Removal Quote

Ah, the challenge of getting an accurate removal quote. 

It requires meticulous attention to details, and clear communication between you and your removal company. How to start and what to include in the process of getting an accurate removal quote?

Prepare inventory:

Let us start with the all-important inventory. We understand that your house is a treasure trove full of furniture and items, each with its own tale. Listing these items is the opening chapter of the quoting process. An accurate estimate of boxes is essential too. Remember, removal boxes are like rabbits; they tend to multiply. Likely you will have twice as many as you originally thought once everything is packed.

Correct description matters:

Next, describe the number of bedrooms in your property, the number of floors and availability of lifts. Remember also about sharing the parking situation. The distance to the nearest parking bay is one of the critical notes in the process.

The full addresses of both properties are the vital piece of information in calculating distance and travel time. Also, share the timing for vacating your current property, and whether your move is part of a chain of families swapping houses.

Dismantling and disposal: 

Your furniture could be like a complex puzzle. If any pieces require dismantling, inform the removal company well in advance, as this task may call for extra hands and time. Similarly, let them know if want to dispose of any unwanted items. Remember, disposal service can also be arranged.

Arrange for a video call or on-site survey:

For medium size properties, such as 1 or 2-bedroom house or flat, we recommend a video call to better assess the scope of the move. If your property has three or more bedrooms, an on-site survey conducted by a surveyor would be the most effective way to provide an accurate quote.

Maximum details = an accurate removal quote:

In the grand scheme of moving home, details are the gold. The more the removal company knows about your household, the more precise the removal quote. Accurate communication prevents unexpected costs, delays, and stress related to moving your home.

Under-quoted jobs:

Imagine, for instance, that the volume of your possessions overshadows the van's capacity. Arranging another vehicle at short notice could send costs soaring higher and delay your moving day's finale. If there is a need for additional removal staff to handle the increased volume, you might find yourself facing higher costs, delays and even the potential risk of damaged items as the team tires during an unexpectedly long working day.

In conclusion:

A successful removal job demands thorough preparation and communication. By providing a detailed picture of what to expect, you are not just investing in an accurate quote but a successful, stress-free move. Remember, the devil is in the details, and in the case of removals, those details are a priceless asset and one not to be underestimated.


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