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Living Room Packing Tips

Welcome to the next chapter of moving insights from your dedicated team at London House Removals Ltd.

In this instalment of our blog, we share living room packing tips. Like many homes, living rooms typically feature a range of items including sofas, display cabinets, an assortment of books, TVs, and Hi-Fi systems, occasionally a collection of vinyl records, as well as various decorative pieces such as ornaments, vases, and artwork, all of which require their own specific packing methods to ensure they are move-ready.

Selecting the right boxes:

First things first, let us talk boxes. Not just any old carton will do when it comes to your cherished items. The golden rule? Corrugated double-walled small boxes are your best friends in the living room packing process, providing robust protection for weighty books and vinyl records, as well as the delicate vases and ornaments.

Packing books and vinyl:

When it comes to packing your books and groovy vinyl records, less is more. Avoid the temptation to overloading. For the standard small box of size 18”x13”x13”, think ¾ full to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Vinyl records demands an upright stance, stacked next to a soft item like a cushion, to fill the void and keep them stable.

Preparing the furniture: 

Sofas and armchairs might seem daunting, but with a simple twist – removing the legs – you will spare your door frames and walls any unnecessary scuffs. Trust us, your movers (and walls) will thank you later.

Display cabinets strategy:

Your display cabinets will be handled by the movers, but their contents need your extra care. Wrap your ornaments and vases in one or two layers of bubble wrap, or a combination of bubble wrap and packing paper for good measure, nestling them into the small boxes like precious cargo ready for their voyage.

Wrapping the artwork: 

Pictures and paintings require a tender touch. Double-layer bubble wrapping is necessary, and for those most fragile canvas pieces, affixing a flat box to the front will shield them from the physical damage.

Packing electronics:

For TVs and Hi-Fi systems, while some households retain the items' original packaging for safe transport, those who do not have them should use two or more layers of bubble wrap for cushioning. Additionally, affixing a flat cardboard piece directly to the bubble wrap at the front screen of the TV and to the face of the speakers; helps guard the delicate TV screen and speaker membranes against damage.

We hope these pro tips have armed you with the confidence to pack swiftly your living room. But we get it – life is busy, and sometimes, you would rather leave the wrapping, boxing, and securing your precious items to the experts. That is where London House Removals Ltd comes to help. With our top-quality packing materials and special quilted carriers for sofas and TV’s, we are ready to move your possessions with the highest care. So, whether you are a packing enthusiast or you would rather not fuss with the packing job, our team is here to help.

Give us a ring, and we will create the perfect removal packing plan for your peace of mind. After all, your living room is the soul of your home, and we are here to ensure its treasures move from home to home in safety.

Our examples of living room packing techniques:

Living Room Packing

Sofas and coffee tables before wrapping..

Living Room Packing Quilted Carriers

Wrapped in quilted carriers and blankets.

Electric Piano

An electric piano before wrapping..

Packed Electric Piano

Wrapped in blankets inside and a a black stretch on top.

Display Cabinet

A display cabinet with the glassware..

Packed Display Cabinet

Wrapped in blankets and a black stretch, and the glassware packed in boxes.


A living room chandelier..

Packed Chandelier

Packed in a bubble wrap and a custom-made box.


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