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Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

Ensuring the safe transportation of your kitchenware is crucial when moving home. 

This guide will give you useful tips for packing your kitchen item with ease and confidence. Remember, proper packing is half the battle in a successful removal process.

Gathering your supplies:

Start by assembling all your packing essentials. Stock up mainly on small double-walled cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, brown PVC tape, fragile tape, and markers for box labelling.

Preparing the boxes:

Reinforce the box bottoms with brown PVC tape to prevent them from giving way under the weight of your items. For added protection, line the bottom with crumpled packing paper, creating a cushion to absorb any shocks during transit.

Wrapping glassware:

Wrap each glass in one or two sheets of packing paper, ensuring that they are stored upright in the boxes, particularly wine glasses. If you are packing crystal glassware, add an extra layer of bubble wrap for added peace of mind.

Wrapping plates:

Wrap each plate with one or two paper sheets before stacking them together. Plates can be either laid flat or stored vertically. When placed vertically, taping them together will prevent any moving in the box. For most scenarios, stacking around five to eight plates together is a safe bet.

Packing delicate items:

For more fragile pieces like special plates, jars, clay pots and collectable porcelain, use a combination of packing paper and bubble wrap. Place these items upright in the box to ensure their safe journey.

The art of box filling:

Packing techniques can vary, as every kitchen is different. As a rule of thumb, begin with heavy and stable items like plates at the bottom. Next, layer mugs and cups above the plates. Fill any gaps with crumpled packing paper or small miscellaneous items like cloths to prevent movement and potential breakage. Finally, seal your boxes with "Fragile" tape and use the permanent marker to describe their content. This will serve as a clear indicator for the movers to handle these boxes with extra care.

In summary:

Adhering to these packing tips can go a long way in safeguarding your kitchenware during the move. The kitchen often accounts for 30% to 40% of the total packing effort, so take your time and do it right. Should you need extra assistance, our skilled team at London House Removals Ltd offers meticulous packing services tailored to your kitchen's specific needs - simply let us know!

Our examples of kitchen packing techniques:

Small Boxes

Small boxes packed with the kitchenware


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