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How to Organise a Storage Space

How to organise a storage space prior to moving?

Once in a while you may need to organise a storage space for your items before moving into your new property. Before this happens, those are the correct questions that need to be answered: 

  • What type of storage to choose?
  • Where should your storage facility be located?
  • What size of storage room is appropriate?
  • How to properly pack your household for storage?

In this article we will help you answer those questions, so you can easier organise a storage space for your move.

What type of storage to choose? 

Determine whether you require a storage space for a long or short period of time? For example, if you require a room for at least a several months, then storage facilities with wooden-type containers are more cost effective. If you require a storage just for a few weeks, then usually self-storage type companies are your best shot. Most of them offer 50% discounts for the first 4-weeks or 8-weeks period, which can save you some money on your moving process. One of our trusted partners is Big Yellow Self Storage based in Edmonton.

Second key factor regards accessibility when needed. Even if you require a room for many months, but you need to often access your items, then self-storage facilities should be your choice, as most of them allow you for a small fee to enter your room even at late hours 7 days a week. Otherwise, you can consider long-term wooden container facilities.

Where should your storage facility be located?

This mainly depends on where your “in-between” property is going to be located. When you organise a storage space closer, you will be able to easier access it for the required items. On the other hand, for example, if you move out of London to the north of the UK, but your in-between home is still in London, and if you do not need any access to the room, then it will be best to find a storage solution close to your new home, as often countryside storage facilities are more cost effective than those in the capital.

What size of storage room is appropriate? 

With self-storage companies always aim for a larger room. It is better to have a bit of overheads to avoid troubles. As a guide: usually 50 square feet room will contain up to 350 cubic feet, that is around 10 cubic meters of volume. Most of 1-bed properties will fit into a 50 to 100 square feet room. Most of 2-bed properties require a 100 to 150 square feet room and 3-bed properties and larger will require a 200 square feet or larger rooms.

As for wooden container facilities, those containers are 8 feet high and can contain up to 250 cubic feet, that is just a bit over 7 cubic meters of the volume. Here book one spare in addition to what you calculated, to have an added peace of mind.

How to pack your household for storage? 

If you decide to pack by yourself, there are a few things to consider. When moving into storage all transit blankets used for the job must be taken away by the movers upon completion of the move leaving your items bare on the floor. Therefore, for moving into storage best if you purchase plastic covers for mattrasses, sofas and armchairs. A black stretch will also do for wrapping of the latter, however it will be more difficult to use it to wrap your mattress, unless it is very sturdy.

Regarding the quality of boxes – never buy cheap to save just a few pounds. They will need to be stacked high, therefore purchase a good quality corrugated, double-walled boxes. Your items will thank you for this 😊

Would you like us to help you organise a storage space? 

The above article covers the most important aspects of moving into a storage space. However, if you still require some help for the peace of mind, at London House Removals Ltd we are here to assist you with this. We offer all the storage solutions even at a short notice. Just send us a message and we will start organising right away!

How we pack and load for storage:

Loaded Storage Wooden Container

Loaded wooden containers... 

Loaded Storage Wooden Container 2

Items in a Self Storage

Boxes in a Self Storage

Self-storage rooms with items.. 


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